About Us

Welcome to POP VoIP. Here is Our Story.

20 years ago, Pop VoIP was innovated by a team of multi-portfolio business and telecom professionals in finding an easy and effortless system of broadband telephony for organizations and corporations like them. As the years came by, our team wanted to share this system with other businesses and corporations even to single-users as well.

Unlike any other telephony providers, Pop VoIP solves the problem of costly fees and limitations by providing a two-in-one, easy-to-use system where phone calls are combined with business data, link offices, mobile phones, and home workers, maintaining a highly-accessible and feature-rich service.

Pop VoIP is continually evolving—having an open-access around the globe with offices in London and the USA making us an international business.


We are always hyped up with something new—shoes, clothes, smartphones, even technology. In today’s generation, we need an advanced system with new upgrades that can easily surpass traditional systems. With Pop VoIP, we enable traditional telephony to operate over computer networks such as the Local Area Network (LAN) by providing packet-switched protocols that put voice signals into packets for single-users to multi-site companies.

Our internet telephony system provides user-friendly solutions as well—we NEVER charge extra fees since we have monthly packages with a variety of choices that are suitable for single-users to small or big businesses. In addition, a VoIP number can be used by multiple users in different devices unlike traditional telephones or mobile numbers. Even with a flexible VoIP number, you can still move freely around your office, Pop VoIP still got your back by maintaining high-quality services with a glimpse of freedom.

Customer Service

With our low-cost broadband phone service system aside, our general philosophy and business identity are to treat our client’s investments as our own. We have our well-trained customer service behind your back to answer questions EVEN BEFORE YOU SIGN UP because we believe that time is valuable. Our customer service will solve the problem with your VoIP calls so that the right package can be arranged for your business.

Pop VoIP subscribers are empowered to a full-cycle expense management methodology unlike anywhere else. Our suite of solutions enables clients to track all their personal and business activities. Client-protection will always be one of our first-set value, whether you’re a single or multi-site company, Pop VoIP wants to give you an incredible and astounding experience with our system and we believe that is our duty to be of your service.