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“Communication is key” they said. To have a better engagement with your team, one of our integrated cloud solutions is the Pop VoIP Team messaging platform where you can connect with your mates virtually using any device at any location. Our goal is to make every message easily traceable for users to track their messages conveniently.

We have designed amazing features for the customisable configuration options. This authorises you to easily stabilise and prioritise your messages to different traffic routes for an effortless and reliable transaction.

Communicating anywhere makes this feature special, as this gets you and your team on the same page without having to meet up personally. The collaboration allows you to share your work by dragging and dropping files, “internal messaging, video calls and more”.

This feature is built for every user to communicate with your team effortlessly using any device—may it be a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Anything convenient for you!

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Team messaging
Video meetings
Conference calls
And more

Team Chat Platform

Connect with team members in an instant click by participating in team chat platforms. Tired of sending messages individually to multiple members of your team? This feature allows team leaders, managers, or even members to communicate in an instant without sending messages to multiple people individually.


Team Messaging

Unite with your team by sending messages via group chat with either private or public rooms.

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File sharing

Share files to groups and individuals instantly.

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Instant messaging

Send and share messages and files to groups in one go.

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Unified messaging made convenient

Message alerts

Get instant notifications from your messages including voice and fax via email, SMS, and the Pop VoIP desktop and smart application. Effortlessly make a call, enter a conference, or visit a website by just tapping or clicking on phone numbers or URLS directly via messages.

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