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At Pop VoIP, we provide a technology that will be at your service in convenience. With our packet-switched protocols, we provide monthly broadband subscriptions which makes you will no longer need expensive circuit switches from traditional telephones.

A packet-switched VoIP is similar to an electronic envelope. It can be transmitted through any VoIP-compatible network, i.e. local area network (LAN). Simply put its phone service over the internet and VOILA! You are now able to use VoIP with any device and enjoy several free features that conventional telephony can’t provide such as voice mails, fax, email, music on hold, and a lot more.

VoIP has been gaining popularity for the services it can give and is still climbing on top especially in the telecom industry. Furthermore, the words IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony, or broadband phone service are other terms for VoIP.



Our user-friendly solutions operate over the internet which makes our services low cost—we do not charge extra on your monthly fees for the calls you make.

Features like conference calling, instant messaging, and call recording from a VoIP system, there are several VoIP packages to suit small or large businesses and even for personal! We can give you the package that is best for your needs.

With our services at Pop VoIP, we give you the freedom and liberty by granting you the ability to move freely throughout the office yet continuously maintain the availability and quality of our service.

Efficiency matters

Be Productive

Sometimes, it can be stressful at work especially when your job is to answer or receive inbound and outbound calls. At Pop VoIP, we can provide short yet breaks during your shift giving them a sense of control of what’s stressing them out. It is important for us to give out the best experience for every user, providing the most convenient and flexible system yet.

Increase productivity and efficiency while sufficiently doing all your work. Have more space on your desk for that extra picture from your loved one to get you inspired to hustle or the early morning coffee brew right where that phone head could have been. That is how you spell convenience – Pop VoIP!